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tv   Lockup San Antonio - Extended Stay  MSNBC  May 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> the screaming and the pounding and everything, for them it actually is quite normal. >> 210, baby. what's up? >> they have nothing better to do and they think they're some kind of gods or something. >> an up-and-coming gang takes on the old guard and pits two friends against each other in an act of blood-sport. >> if me and him didn't fight they were going to stab both of us. >> he struck me several times in the left side of my face.
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as he was striking me i was trying to deploy my taser. >> an inmate assault on an officer gets him in trouble with not only the law but the mexican mafia. >> brotherhood of texas, baby. >> and a white supremacist finds conflict with the jail, his gang, and his girlfriend. >> just -- >> [ bleep ] you. >> no, baby, stop -- >> bye. bye. >> no. don't go. ♪ san antonio, texas is synonymous with the 1836 battle of the alamo. the mission turned fort still stands at the heart of downtown as a symbol of honor and bravery.
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today, however, a very different war rages in san antonio, as two rival gangs shed blood in a power struggle to control a wide range of criminal activity, including drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking. and this turf war has expanded from the streets to inside the walls of san antonio's bexar county jail. >> traditionally the mexican mafia, an outgrowth of a prison gang, had been a controlling gang here in san antonio, but here lately because members of the mexican mafia are getting older and some younger groups have come in and it's creating a lot of problems for us here at the bexar county jail. >> with a capacity for 4500 men and women, bexar county jail is larger than many state prisons.
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most of the inmates here are pretrial detainees, meaning they have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting the resolution of their cases. but that doesn't stop violence. >> code 2! >> code 2. an inmate has just assaulted an officer. a jail special emergency response team, or s.e.r.t., answers the call. >> put your hands on the wall. put your hands on the wall. >> what's your name? >> juan rubio. >> 766399. >> injuries. >> right there to the nose. >> redness -- >> redness around the ear. it's all good. >> i don't have a statement. >> the report will read that juan rubio, currently in jail on charges including aggravated robbery, to which he has pled not guilty, was on his way to the recreation yard when he stopped for a drink of water. corporal odegaard then instructed him to hurry along. >> he turned, threw the water at me, struck me several times in
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the left side of my face. as he was striking me and i was defending myself, i was trying to deploy my taser. my second officer came running out here to assist. the whole thing lasted three to four seconds. >> three to four seconds that will have lasting repercussions for rubio. >> put your hands on top of your head. you understand? >> yes, sir. >> if you resist, rubio, you will be tazed. do you understand me? >> yes, sir. >> by assaulting an officer, rubio has not only broken the law. he has also violated a bylaw of the mexican mafia, the gang to which prison officials say he belongs. >> the mexican mafia has a code. they don't assault the officers. >> they don't want any attention brought upon them. if one of their members assaults staff, they already know that now staff is going to start watching them more closely, which is what they don't want. >> because inmate rubio broke that code, he's going to have to pay a penalty. that penalty could be as severe
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as a beating. it could be anything beyond that. >> rubio, however, denies being a member of the gang. >> they say i affiliate with the mexican mafia. and i don't. >> he's being deceptive. rubio has signed a gang acknowledgment form identifying himself as a member of the mexican mafia. it's not uncommon for these guys to deny it to people who he thinks doesn't know his history. but in the end we do have all of our paperwork intact. >> officer rodriguez, part of the jail's gang intelligence division, heads to rubio's cell to discuss the situation. if rubio is willing to refute the mexican mafia, he can be placed in a protective custody housing unit for ex-gang members. >> if he decides to defect, or go x, we're going to go ahead and let him do so. if he decides to go with the actives, we're going to discuss the possible consequences of going with the actives. at this point we don't really know exactly which way we're
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going to send rubio. it kind of depends on what he has to say. >> it doesn't take long for rubio to make it clear. he wants to remain in his unit, which only houses confirmed mexican mafia members. >> i mean, how do i know that the mafia's not going to discipline you for all this? >> they won't. i don't know. >> they won't? >> i'm good. i can house with anybody. >> but do you understand that you violated one of your reglas. >> i didn't violate nothing. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> so nothing's going to happen to you if i put you back with your people? >> nothing will happen to me. >> convinced rubio will be attacked if they return him to his housing unit, officials discuss transferring him to another mexican mafia unit. >> can we put him with the other actives? >> we have activities in ba and bb. the incident happened in bb. we could try him in ba. i'll go back and visit him. rubio. i discussed your situation with the captain. he's approved you to go back but in unit b.a. so are you okay with that? >> i'll go anywhere.
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>> you don't think you're going to get assaulted -- >> i don't care anymore. we'll find out when we get there. you can house me wherever. whatever happens happens. ♪ >> for years the mexican mafia has been the largest and most powerful gang at bexar county. but now a new gang has emerged. born in san antonio and rapidly spreading both on the streets and in prisons and jails. they are called the tango orejones. >> at one point they were all together and then as the years progressed they eventually broke away and now they're at odds with each other. the orejones began as foot soldiers of the mexican mafia but in the late 1990s they split off to form their own gang, which today rejects the mafia's strict rules and structure. >> [ bleep ]. >> they're very loose. there's no constitution. there's no real process on getting in. you can literally be an orejone tomorrow if you want to be one. orejones recruit on a daily basis.
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you send one orejone to population, within 24 hours he's going to have three people with him. what started as a few members of orejones quickly grew into hundreds of members. and we went from having a small problem to having a large problem. >> orejone, baby! >> we eventually had to get all the orejones we confirmed and basically corral them to one living area, to four units. you send the mafia over here, the orejone over there, and you close the door to keep them away from each other. >> coming up, juan rubio gets his wish. but it comes with a price. >> if i hadn't been there to stop the fight when i did, there would have been some serious bodily injury done to him. >> and -- >> throwing knees, elbows at each other. banging each other's head on the wall, the door. >> the orejones pit two friends against each other. >> it's just like when they put two animals in a cage to fight. i've found a permanent escape from monotony.
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inside the general population units of san antonio's bexar county jail, long periods of monotony can be shattered by sudden violence. on a saturday morning inmates pass time in the day room when a fight breaks out in the second floor cell. >> code 2. code 2, charlie alpha. >> the jail's special emergency response team races to the unit and orders all inmates to the ground. within moments it's all over. one of the participants is a member of the white supremacist gang the aryan brotherhood, adam verlander, who's here on charges of car theft and evading arrest, to which he has pled not guilty. >> aryan brotherhood of texas, baby. >> the other inmate is dimitric gonzalez, who is awaiting trial for assault and drug possession and has also pled not guilty. >> so what was this about, verlander? >> bloody towels being left where we put our drinks. >> it's a misunderstanding.
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that's all it is. i had come from the hospital. they thought because i had just came from going to the hospital i had laid a gauze that had blood on it on the windowsill. >> towels with blood on them. supposedly he left it on the window sill and he didn't like it. >> the men are split up and taken to separate units to cool down. for verlander the closest available cell is in one of the mexican mafia units. >> they may want him out of there because all the mexican mafia wants to be together. >> once they are locked in their cooldown cells, verlander and gonzalez share their accounts of what happened. >> the black individual left some bloody gauze pads sitting on one of the tables and was kind of disrespectful, you know. so i went up there and said something to him. >> i don't like losing my temper. i tried to get him to leave me alone. just get the hell away from me. >> i'm not one for playing. so i swung off on him.
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>> i said dude, are you serious? you want to fight? so he tried it again. so one-handed i beat the [ bleep ] out of him. >> the mafia may have no choice but to have verlander as a temporary resident of their unit. but they let him know they don't approve of his interview. >> stop talking to the [ bleep ] camera, man. >> yeah. well, i guess the interview's over. >> [ bleep ] i'll kill you, bro. >> have a nice day. >> it's a lesson that most inmates at bexar county jail learn quickly. don't get on the wrong side of the mexican mafia. every member of the gang is literally on the same page. >> the mexican mafia has a very detailed constitution. all prospective members have to handwrite this and memorize the constitution. it outlines what will happen if you violate any rules within it. and it starts with just some minor discipline all the way to death. >> alleged mexican mafia member
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juan rubio violated one of those rules when he assaulted an officer. although jail officials feared he might face a reprisal from the gang if he was returned to his unit, rubio refused their offer to put him in protective custody. >> so nothing's going to happen if i put you back with your people? >> nothing will happen to me. >> come on. we'll go to cell 2. >> so officials decided to move him to a different mexican mafia unit in another wing of the jail in the hope of protecting his safety. but the plan didn't work. >> after rubio was escorted into my unit we let him out of the cell for the day room hour. at that time he was assaulted by two other inmates. if i hadn't been there to stop the fight when i did, there would have been some serious bodily injury done to him. >> now that the mexican mafia has punished rubio, officer rodriguez must determine where rubio's mafia status stands. if gang leaders will not accept him back, then keeping rubio in a mafia unit could put his life in danger. >> i spoke to one of the assaulters, who is active mafia. >> so i understand that you must
8:16 pm
have got permission to do it. rubio was crossed out. he was removed from the gang by other members. >> rubio. >> officer rodriguez knows they must now remove rubio from the mafia unit. >> i have to move you. >> i'm not going. they're going to have to take me with serts. >> i am going to declare as an x. >> i'm not going. >> i toll him he would be housed with the other x members. >> i cannot put you with the actives. >> i'm not going in there, man. >> rubio's refusal to defect complicates the situation. >> he probably wants to stay in the mexican mafia active tank because he feels that maybe he's not x'ed out, he doesn't want to lose his standing with the mexican mafia. >> i can't put you with the xs because you're telling me you're not active. i can't put you with the actives because the actives don't want you. >> we'll let him cool off and talk to him again. if for some reason he still insists on going back with the
8:17 pm
actives we'll have to make an executive decision and either place him with the xs or just isolate him by himself. >> while sorting out what to do with him rubio is put in a temporary segregation cell away from both active and ex-mexican mafia members. but rubio has accepted his punishment from the mafia and is ready to rejoin them. >> we're good. i respect what they did. they respect that i went in there. i don't run from it. >> according to jail officials, the mexican mafia runs with military-like control and discipline. but in the units run by their rivals, the orejones, things are different. >> what's up? >> the screaming and the pounding and everything, for them it actually is quite normal. >> 210, baby. what's up? orejone, baby. >> they have nothing better to do. and they think they're some kind of gods or something. >> and orejone leaders have just taken their wrath out on two young cellmates who were recently classified as orejone recruits and placed in their housing unit.
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now separated, the two inmates are christopher penuelez and jerry sanchez. both are in jail on drug possession charges and have pled not guilty. >> they were approached by an unidentified inmate, who told them through the door that they had to fight. they had to fight to prove their heart in the gang. >> the winner would gain acceptance into the gang. the loser would be kicked out. refusing to fight was not an option. >> they had told us if me and him didn't fight that they were going to stab both of us. me and chris were scared. chris started crying. i didn't want to fight with him. but in this place you don't know what's going to happen. so i looked at chris and chris looked at me and chris started crying. and chris was just like what do you want to do? i said i don't want to fight with you. you know what i'm saying? >> me and him are talking about it and talking about it and we just finally came to it and said [ bleep ] it, we'll box each other. we've got to do what we've got to do to survive. we just started hitting each other. that's it. we were just closed fists and
8:19 pm
everything, throwing knees, elbows at each other. banging each other's head on the wall, the door. it didn't matter to us. it's just like when they put two animals in a cage to fight. >> but for sanchez the odds in this contest were stacked against him. sanchez comes from a neighborhood with mexican mafia ties. and even though he had requested to be housed with the orejones, he has tattoos that symbolize the mafia. >> inmate sanchez, either way, if he would have won the fight or not, was no longer going to be allowed to be in there because his tattoos were too consistent with those worn by the mexican mafia. and penuelez on the other hand had an opportunity to stay in the unit if he won the fight. and apparently he didn't win the fight. >> i was already bleeding from my mouth, and i didn't want to fight him anymore. so i just stayed on the floor. >> they took us to medical. chris hugged me. and chris was crying and he told me he forgave me. he said he would have never voted against me.
8:20 pm
>> both of these inmates were x'ed out of the gang. and we went ahead and moved them into the protective custody unit. >> after the fight we were still cool and we still stuck together, no matter what, because we knew where our hearts were. i knew where my heart was and i knew where my head was. i knew where i was standing. and basically, we both said you know what we're still young, we don't need this right now. >> but the two friends would not be together long. though sanchez is waiting to go to trial on a drug possession charge, his judge has approved him for a work release program. >> sanchez? >> during the day sanchez will be released from the jail to go to work. >> do you need employment or do you have a job? >> i have a job. wood floors. >> today you can go pick up all your clothes, whatever you need. >> each evening sanchez will be required to return to the jail. >> be back at 7:00. >> 7:00? >> report to the annex, though. >> okay. all right. >> all right.
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>> coming up -- >> the number we have called has temporarily been disconnected. >> jerry sanchez becomes a fugitive. >> if he's ever stopped by any law enforcement officer, they're going to arrest him and bring him in. >> everybody's spun out. >> adam verlander finds gang life isn't what it used to be. everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance ♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus.
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♪ at the bexar county jail in san antonio some inmates charged with non-violent crimes are given the opportunity by the courts to participate in a work release program. they can leave jail to work during the day but must return at night. >> today you can go. >> jerry sanchez was granted work release. but on his first day out he did not return. >> i don't know what his motive was as to why he didn't return. obviously we don't know what happened when he left the facility, if he was around family or what have you.
8:25 pm
>> this one contact, which is his sister, and the number we have called has temporarily been disconnected. now the only option we have at this point is to ask the warrant officers to go actively seek him at his residence. >> there's an active warrant for his arrest. and if he's ever pulled over or stopped by any law enforcement officer, they're going to arrest him. >> having served a prior four-year prison sentence for assault and robbery and now if convicted facing the potential of a longer sentence for car theft and leading a police on a high-speed chase, adam verlander is an unlikely candidate for work release. >> i put out a tense vibe. i'm a very tense person. i'm very intense. so people kind of get wary, i guess. they think, well, he might snap at somebody, he might do something.
8:26 pm
>> verlander recently did snap, when he took offense to inmate dimitric gonzales leaving bloody gauze in a common area of their housing unit. he admits to starting a fight. and it wasn't his first at bexar county. >> my enemy list here in bexar county is four pages long. one page, two page, three page, four page, and you're like dang, how do you all these enemies? >> for starting the fight verlander may receive time in segregation. but despite his membership in the white supremacist gang the aryan brotherhood he insists race played no role in the fight. >> i'm not a racist person. i don't believe in racial ideology. i believe that races should be separated amongst themselves, in which case they are in our society. i don't hate nobody. if i hate you then i'm probably going to try to kill you. and there's probably a pretty [ bleep ] good reason why i'm trying to kill you. >> verlander was placed in a temporary cooldown cell for 24 hours.
8:27 pm
now he is back in his own cell with his cellmate, shawn osborne. ♪ i know that you've been feeling me all this time ♪ ♪ we know it's all been okay but today we're going to say whatever is on our mind ♪ >> he pops off. he's got lyrics that just come out of his head that just flow. ♪ a little saxophone. >> you know what i mean? >> see, we're not allowed to have this either. >> verlander's high energy level hasn't gotten to osborne, but verlander has gotten word that his actions -- >> [ bleep ]. >> -- might be getting on the nerves of his gang. >> i'm a meth addict and we're not supposed to do drugs. a.b. is not supposed to do drugs. we are not supposed to be breaking the law. we're supposed to be trying to get jobs as regular citizens and keeping the heat off of us. what the hell? i was a criminal when i got in. i'm supposed to be a criminal now. other gangs are laughing at us. they're like what are they doing? they're piss testing their broz?
8:28 pm
everybody's spun out. but they want us to be on top of everything. come on. i'm not like that. some people are saying they're going to x me, they might x me. it would be for all the wrong reasons because i've bled for this family and that's all i wanted to be, was -- since i was a kid. and if they're going to take it from me they'd better go ahead and cut the heart out of my chest. because that's what they'll be doing. they're cutting the heart out of my chest. >> if verlander is x'ed, or expelled from his gang, he isn't sure whether there would be further consequences or not. >> when i was growing up, man, you got x'ed, boy, they found you floating in a river. that's when you knew you were x'ed, when you were dead and you didn't have no head or hands. because they cut them off. i'm still a.b. i'm still aryan brotherhood. i'm still going to be what i am. they ain't going to take that from me. >> coming up -- >> verlander. 7204721, sir. >> adam verlander finds more trouble. >> i was scared, sir. >> i understand.
8:29 pm
>> i'm scared. >> jerry sanchez is back in custody. and on suicide watch. and -- >> [ bleep ]. >> do you have any questions or concerns? >> [ bleep ] your hearing. >> juan rubio lashes out at the only people who can protect him. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. nobody does underwater stunts, sylvia. except me, of course. this is my stop. adios! ♪ if you're a stuntman, you cheat death. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. número uno! ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. ♪
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i'm dara brown with the hour's top stories. the red carpet was rolled future to for president trump on his first day in saudi arabia. he met the king during ceremonies and was awarded their their highest civilian honor. he announced a massive arms deal. bernie sanders campaigned for the democrat candidate rob quist trying to flip a seat vacated after winky became interior secretary. now back tolock up.
8:33 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> which one? >> this one. >> the special emergency response team of san antonio's bexar county jail has just broken up a fight. and one of the combatants is no stranger to staff. >> verlander. 7204721, sir. >> for adam verlander it's the latest in a string of jail fights. this time it was with a member of los zetos, the mexican drug cartel. the fight erupted over a deal between the two inmates. the cartel member had asked verlander, a talented artist, to create a tattoo sketch for him in exchange for some commissary snacks. >> was a picture of la santa muerte, the angel of death. >> but the inmate had become incensed after discovering verlander had included a hidden image in the drawing.
8:34 pm
the two lightning bolts that are the nazi symbol. >> i put a bolt in there. i ain't going to lie. you see it in everything that i do. i've got lightning bolts on my cup. on the lid of my cup. it's a white thing. this is a bad-ass picture. i put a lot of time into that picture. i liked it. he didn't. >> verlander's latest fight comes while he is still waiting to meet with the disciplinary board, who will most likely sanction him for his earlier fight with inmate dimitric gonzales. >> i love jail. i don't know who wouldn't. >> one inmate who clearly does not like jail is jerry sanchez. after four davis of being awol from the jail's work release program, sanchez was rearrested. >> come on. we'll take care of you, man. come on. >> now he's not only back in custody, he's on suicide watch. required to wear a tamper-proof
8:35 pm
gown to prevent hanging. >> take you down and talk to the psychiatrist. >> before going awol sanchez was forced by the orejone gang to fight his cellmate. then he was kicked out of the gang and sent to a protective custody unit. when sanchez was rearrested, he mistakenly believed he was returning to an orejone housing unit. so he threatened suicide. >> we don't want to put you anywhere where you're going to be assaulted or an officer's going to get hurt. come on. make a right up here. >> when he came back in for his booking he was told he was going into unit b.a. well, the last time he was here that particular unit was an active gang unit. so he did think he was going to go back to an active unit. >> go ahead and have a seat here on the blue couch. >> but since he's been gone some things have changed. >> housing unit b.a. no longer houses active orejones. but newly arrived arrestees pending assignments to house units. >> he panicked a little because
8:36 pm
he was afraid. and he admitted to nap. -- admitted to that. >> because i was so scared i didn't know what's going to happen to me the only thing that came to my mind was kill yourself. i don't have the heart to kill myself, sir. i don't. >> all right. come on. >> before sanchez can be taken off suicide watch he must also convince staff psychiatrist dr. garcia that he's not suicidal. >> have a seat. >> so i got scared. and the only thing that came to my mind is if i tell them that i'm suicidal. >> so basically, you said you were suicidal for safety concerns. >> that's pretty much it. >> okay. you're really not suicidal? >> never came to my mind. never crossed my mind. i don't have the heart to. i have a 2-year-old son. >> are they going to put you in a safe place? >> he said he's going to see what he could do for me. i pray that he does put me back where i'm supposed to in the -- >> otherwise, you're going to say you're suicidal again and we'll start all over? >> i'm scared, sir. >> i understand. >> i'm scared. >> your safety comes first. >> dr. garcia releases sanchez from suicide watch.
8:37 pm
so he can now change back into a regular jail uniform and return to protective custody. sanchez says that on the day he was released he had every intention of returning to the jail but when he got home things changed. >> as soon as i walked out the work release doors and as soon as i touched that sidewalk, and as i kind of walked away from the jail, i felt like i just never wanted to look back. freedom never felt as good. just to feel that breeze on my skin, just to feel that wind, like i felt like i was in here for years and i was only in here going on two months. i was crying. i told my mom, i can't go back. she was like, what are you going to do? i don't want you to run. i don't want you to go back. i was like it's not that easy. it's not easy to go back. i never imagined jail was this hard. i just want to do my time and go home to my family and just do good. like it's not worth getting in
8:38 pm
trouble anymore. i'm not a gangster. i'm not a gangster. before i came here i thought i was. but i'm not. i'm just me. i'm jerry. >> juan rubio continues to bide his time in a segregation cell. eager to return to a mexican mafia housing unit, despite being expelled from the gang. >> what do you do while you're in there? >> i read. work out. think. >> what do you think about? >> my life. how i'm going to fix my life. i get out and i do the same mistakes over and over. i've been doing it all my life. but i'm going to get out. i'm going to get out, and i'm going to change that. >> rubio's latest troubles arrived after he broke one of the mexican mafia's most
8:39 pm
important codes. he attacked a jail officer. now eight days later -- >> all right, mr. rubio, i'm going to have you have a seat in this chair here. >> -- rubio must face the disciplinary board, who will decide whether or not to give him further sanctions for the assault. >> mr. rubio, how do you plead? >> no contest. >> you do not wish to plead your case whatsoever? >> i didn't do it. that's it. can you tell me who wrote that report, what officers were in there? >> officer martinez wrote the report. captain barabas also followed up on it. >> so he went and saw this? >> are you going to let me finish what i'm saying to you? >> go ahead. >> as the hearing continues, rubio asks several technical questions about the report and questions the credibility of the disciplinary board itself. >> okay. what other have yevidence have got, man. >> i'm going to conclude what you're saying because you're just running around in circles right now. >> [ bleep ]. >> do you have any questions or concerns -- >> [ bleep ] your hearing. that's what i feel like. go ahead and give me the 30 days lockdown. >> go ahead. we're done.
8:40 pm
well, you know what? we're done. so go ahead and stand up. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. you know you all are [ bleep ] anyway. >> i mean, he has the right to have his process. and that's why we do that. and when they become violence then we just say we're done, we're not going to speak to you anymore, and you're going to be removed. that's it. we found the inmate guilty and assessed him 25 days disciplinary detention. >> for rubio it means another 25 days in solitude. more time to ponder his precarious future. coming up -- >> i tried to call one time with my boy on the phone and he said -- and this little punk hangs up on me? i'm smashing him when i get out, skye. >> adam verlander's visit turns into an emotional roller coaster. >> i've got a poem i wrote and i'd like to read it. because this is how i feel about you, skye. 't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me... look at me... you used to be the "yes" guy. what happened to that guy? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here.
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find your rhythm and keep on grooving. ♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ after spending more than two weeks in segregation for two
8:44 pm
different fights, bexar county inmate adam verlander, an aryan brotherhood gang member whose nickname is smash is back in general population, doing what he does best. >> hey, bro. you got that envelope? >> trading artwork for commissary. >> what you think, dog? >> that's bad-ass. you can do portraits? >> yeah. but you ain't got enough money for me to do a portrait, dog. i'd be sitting here for hours. i ain't going to be sitting here no hours for nobody. it ain't going to happen. i won't do a portrait for my girl, i ain't going to do one for you. >> verlander's girlfriend holds a special place in his life. her name is skye starbuck. >> this is one i wrote for my girl, skye. every second without you is like a drop of water in this vast sea of time that seems to stand between us. trapped as i am in my own despair only the word can describe the lengths to which love will last. if i don't get out i may never see her. >> and today skye has come for a
8:45 pm
visit. >> what's his last name? >> adam verlander. >> verlander? >> yes. >> like verlander skye has struggled with drug addiction and is currently living with friends. this is her first visit with verlander in six weeks. >> i don't know how he still feels about me. if he's still going to be in love with me the same way he was before he got locked up. i'm going to start crying. >> it's been 45 days since i've seen my girl. kind of rough. >> how do you feel? >> a little apprehensive. >> verlander's apprehension stems from suspicions. when he recently tried to call skye, someone else answered. >> i said i'm looking for skye, and he said, huh? and i said i said i'm looking for skye. and some guy hangs up my phone. so i'm a little curious to find out who the hell that was. i guess we'll see here in a minute. it could go good or it could go bad.
8:46 pm
i don't know. i can be a sweetheart. but i'm also a demon whenever i'm provoked. >> hey, baby. >> hey, baby. >> verlander wastes little time before confronting skye. >> where are you at? >> i'm in -- >> with who? >> with [ bleep ]. he's just helping me. >> [ bleep ] you. >> no, baby. >> bye. bye. >> oh, no. don't go. please. don't. don't do this to me. don't do this to me. this is not the person i know. this is not -- >> no, skye, it is. you know what? >> you're acting like i don't even know. >> i don't know what the [ bleep ] i'm supposed to do. why did he hang up on me? why did he hang up on me? >> because we were in the car together and the cops were driving by and my phone -- >> you're lying to me. >> i've never lied to you. you are really going to do this right now. if this is the visit why did i come all the way here. his truck broke down on the side of the highway and i came to see --
8:47 pm
>> i try to call my boy and i said i'm looking for skyee and this little punk happenings up on me? i'm smashing him when i get out, skye. >> i can't do this. i can't even pay for myself to survive. i don't know what to do without you. >> i got a poem that i want to read you and i would love for you to hear it because this is how i feel about you, skye. there's poetry in the way you move. seemingly without effort. you move me deep into my core with your bright curious smiles and your mysterious shadows. our kisses are filled with things for which there are no words. because our love can only be defined within each moment that we share together. without you life is so bleak. it's colorless and gray. i'm only content when you're safe in my arms.
8:48 pm
your sweet love is all that sustains me in this time and these darkest hours. is it not enough to simply say that i love you? >> i can't live without you. i can't breathe without you. i don't know what to do. i'm so lost. everybody's given up on me and everybody thinks -- >> verlander believes there is one way the two can be together again. things can work out if skye finds the money to post his bail. >> baby, if you can get $900, i'll be out tomorrow. >> where am i supposed to get $900? what do you want me to do? i mean, you know what i'd have to do to get that kind of money. and you will never forgive me. but i need you out here because i'm dying. i can't -- >> get me out of here, skye. >> i can't do this. i'm telling you right now. if you don't get out, i don't think i can do this. do you still think i'm beautiful? >> you're gorgeous. look at you. you're absolutely gorgeous. >> i've been sober. >> have you?
8:49 pm
>> yes. >> i'm proud of you. thank you. >> you're proud of me? >> i am. you did good, baby. >> but you remember what i said. >> look at every pod i've been on. i've been smashing people on every pod i go to, i smash somebody. i love you. >> i love you. you have no idea what i would do. i'd go to the end of the earth for you. >> i know you would. >> after 20 minutes the phone shuts off automatically and the two are cut off. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm going to break this window. >> i'll write you. i can't -- don't walk away. [ crying ] >> i have to get him out. i just don't have any other choices right now. i feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.
8:50 pm
that's how he made me feel. like i have to get him out. >> somebody's giving me what skye's given me. we fight real bad. we do. we fight bad. especially when there's drugs involved. and regardless of that i've tried to replace it, i have tried to move on and get away from what we both have. and there is always just this huge, big empty hole inside of me that yearns for skye, and nobody is going to fill that, nobody can take that spot. never. i'm going to marry that girl, that is all i can do. >> coming up. >> adam verlander gets a dear john letter of a different sort. and juan rubio appears to have a change of heart. >> we're still looking into it to see if he is in fact a true x. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced,
8:51 pm
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8:54 pm
at san antonio's bexar county jail, some inmates embrace gang life, while others choose to defect, but then there is a third group, those who find themselves x'd out or forced from the gang. after being forced to prove their allegiance, gary and christopher were both kicked out of the orejones. >> we still stuck together, no matter what, because we knew where our hearts were. >> the two friends are now living in separate cells in a special housing unit for ex gang members while sanchez awaits trial and charges of drug and possession charges. he thought he would be granted probation. instead, the court sentenced him
8:55 pm
to 60 days in an intensive boot camp style rehab program. >> they're sending me there because i'm still young. they don't want me to go around drugs or gangs. >> since getting word that his friend was going to boot camp, sanchez says he saw a disturbing change. >> before he got sentenced to boot camp he thought he was going home. he never talked to anybody, he never cussed, he never played around. he was more depressed than i was. now that he got sentenced to booted cam boot camp, because he his head isn't where it's supposed to be right now. >> after i thought i was going to go home, and then i didn't go home. so i just -- been hitting on my door, punching my door and stuff like that. >> although he is no longer in the orejones, on the outside, pinuelas belongs to another gang, the roosevelt park gangs,
8:56 pm
and he says that's where his loyalty lies now. >> i'm still going to be good when i get out. my gang is going to be there, i'm always going to be there for them. i'll still drugs. that's the only way i know how to make money. >> juan rubio has completed his 25 days in segregation for assault on the corporal. but the question where to house him remains. although the mexican mafia say they have expelled him, rubio held out hope that he would be reinstated, so he refused to be housed in the ex gang unit. but now it appears rubio has reconsidered that decision. >> he has come forward and said hey, i defected. i no longer want to house with these guys. >> but the jail officials worry, they fear he may be plotting something. >> we received information he was no longer active with the gang. but at the same time we were
8:57 pm
told if he assaulted an ex member he could come back with the gang. a true x doesn't have that ability. there's no chance of ever coming back. he has a chance. we can't afford him the housing opportunity that he's requesting, which is housing with other ex members. we have to go ahead and wait a little bit and just watch. >> until then, rubio will remain sequestered in a single cell, away from both the active and ex members of the mexican mafia. adam verlander claims allegiance to the aryan brotherhood. but his erratic behavior both in and out of jail has put his status with the gang in jeopardy. >> some said they're going to x me. they might x me. >> now the bedrock that verlander has built his life on is crumbling.
8:58 pm
he just received a letter informing him he's been x'd out of the group. >> i was on the run, you know, am i supposed to go hold down a 9:00 to 5:00 job and be on alert? >> what do you think, being x'd out? do you think somebody is going to hurt you? >> i don't know. >> meanwhile, verlander has been counting on his girlfriend, skye, to get him out of jail. >> that is how he made me feel, like i have to get him out. >> but now he has heard from a friend that skye is also gone. >> skye is in rehab, right now. she is in rehab, i don't know where she is at. i don't get no letters from her. i don't know where she is going to. i wish i knew where she was.
8:59 pm
>> as he languishes in jail, verlander's only comfort is skye's bittersweet promises. >> your love is like the wind, you can't see it but you know it is there and can feel it all around you. that is the only letter i've gotten since i have been locked up. >> it must feel like you're all alone. >> i do feel alone. it kind of sucks.
9:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i'm like a vulture. i go for my prey. >> a transgender inmate undergoing hormone therapy uses femininity to manipulate others. >> i might show a nipple here, a nipple there, or take my bra off and walk around in a t-shirt. >> so i had it down i was just cranking it. >> when an inmate charged with assault faces the judge, it's more than her young daughter can bear. and -- >> my real parents are jfk and marilyn mo


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